Play and fun are often considered not only to be the domain of children, but actually childish. We’re told from an early age, that study, work, and life in general, is hard and needs to be taken seriously. Consequently, we often approach our daily lives in a regimented and humourless way.

When was the last time you had fun? 

I don’t mean the sort of things that, as adults, we often confuse for fun, like getting pissed or washing the new car.

I mean something that was frivolous, purposeless, even pointless, and yet resulted in feelings of deep satisfaction.

Chances are it involved other people whom you like.

Fun and play, the primary purposes of being a kid, are features sadly missing from the lives of many adults….
Have you forgotten how to have fun? Why, come a certain age, do we stop having fun?
Hopefully the stuff we do at Margaret River Adventure Co can change that….

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